Monday, December 12, 2011

A little bit of training and a little bit of the holidays

This past weekend saw some intense action here on the Costa Rica Outward Bound base. As the remainder of our semester programs wrap up their time in Panama, a large portion of the staff went through training on a variety of topics ranging from conflict resolution to more advanced strategies for teaching while on course. In addition, the group took a trip to downtown San Jose to expand the group’s combined knowledge of the city and some of the locations that do not get as much attention. Other activities included a group trip down the local waterfall near the base, in order to get additional staff prepared for one of the more popular activities offered here, the waterfall rappel! Finishing up the weekend was a festive staff holiday gift exchange and a delicious staff dinner, capping off what has been another amazing season for Costa Rica Outward Bound. Although a busy weekend for the staff here, everyone is excited and ready to go for the 2012 season, which starts off with groups just 2 days after New Years!

Looking down sometimes does not help

Friday, December 2, 2011

Link Roundup!

Although there is a severe dearth of snow and skiing opportunities in Costa Rica, there is a large amount of bamboo. Perhaps the bamboo ski pole is a way Costa Rica can get into winter sports? Story here.

The Central American surfing games are currently underway in Costa Rica, making the best out of Jaco and Playa Hermosa. As our students certainly can tell you, there’s very good reason why the world comes here to surf and compete! Story here.

Although our rivers prove to be some of the most exhilarating in the world, Washington State looks to gain one more river to raft with the destruction of a 100 year old dam.