Thursday, December 6, 2007

Trading The Long Drive To Work For Office Wildlife

The sun comes up pretty early in the tropics, and the birds in the trees let you know that a new day has begun. It can be extremely difficult to stay in bed with the sun creeping through your curtains and the chirping of exotic birds beckoning you to wake. So every morning I arrive in the office around 7:30.

Given that I don’t have any drive to work(I walk up a very steep hill), I have no qualms about starting my day early. I mean, I work in a cloud rainforest. It’s kind of hard to complain about that. Sometimes I reminisce about that Movie Office Space and the pain it takes to drive all the way to the office and back. This is not me. I walk up a hill in a rain forest and then start my day.

There are some things which can be a bit surprising for my wife and I in Costa Rica. We are new transplants to the tropics, and are absolutely fascinated by all sorts of insects, plants, and animals which we encounter. Though what we found in the sink last week was something incredible, at least for us anyway.

I heard a scream coming from the office kitchen. I jumped from my chair to see what was the matter. Our new Marketing Coordinator, Katie, had discovered a very large black spider in the sink. Now as creepy as this spider was, we were also absolutely fascinated by it.
I took a small jar and gentley prodded her into it with a fork (Fork washed thoroughly there after).

After many pictures were taken and sent to friends with the Mac computer, I let the poor arachnid out on the deck where it dropped quickly below. So no, I have no drive to the office, nor terrible winter chills to deal with, however I do have a menagerie of interesting creatures and plants which both frighten and fascinate me, on my walk to and at the office.

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