Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Course Updates - May 19th

Base is active today! Two of our courses, Leadership and Tri-Country, are staying the night at our base dorms. They're pretty tired, and will probably go to bed early after eating some rice and beans for dinner in la cocina.

Every student in Leadership passed their WFR certification! In a celebratory spirit, they left base for the first time in 8 days today to hike to a waterfall near base here in San Ramon de Tres Rios. Students loved this waterfall for rappelling - it was much more intense, big and fun than the one they did in Piedras Blancas. They leave Thursday for some rafting.

Tri-Country students have lighter hair and much darker skin after many days in the sun in Manuel Antonio and Jaco. They're not stopping there with the surfing. Because of their speedy progress with the sport, the group will head out tomorrow to Playa Avellana for better surf and more practice. (View these three beach destinations above, marked by pink squares.) This is their final trip on their 85-day journey through Costa Rica and Panama.

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