Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tenacious Tejas

It's a bird. It's a raft. It's Tejas.

This is no ordinary vida lata (literally meaning "life out of a can", or "mut" as we say in English). Tejas has been an adventure enthusiast since the day our new Program Director, Laura Statesir, adopted her four and a half years ago as a scruffy homeless puppy in the Dominican Republic.

Tejas has lived in three countries: Dominican Republic, the USA, and now Costa Rica. Even though she only sees out of one eye (due to a sling shot incident by some local kids in the DR), she has rappelled in the Salto de Jimenoa Waterfall in the Dominican Republic, whitewater kayaked in the Rio Yaque (also in the DR), hiked the active Volcán Turrialba (here in Costa Rica), and camped and hiked the Pisgahs in North Carolina. When she wasn't on an adventure trip, she was riding a motorcycle around the DR.

While she may have a lot to flaunt in front of our other pets (and us, for that matter) as the newest addition to our Costa Rica Outward Bound animal family here on base, Tejas fit in immediately. She is relaxed and loves trash. She has a unique Spanish name (named after Laura's home state, Texas, which coincidentally is the same word used for the red roof tiles so common here in Latin America). And of course, it is only fitting that an adventure dog live at an adventure school.

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