Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ode to Calvin College Patrols

Last weekend Calvin College's patrols flip-flopped courses;
by now their experiences have made them two strong forces.

Patrol 1 is rafting and kayaking on the River Phase,
Patrol 2 is making their way through the rainforest maze.

Patrol 2 has learned to hike up steep hills,
while Patrol 1 has had some fun kayak spills.

A Swift Water Workshop kept Patrol 1 from sinking,
Patrol 2's solos allowed a LONG time for thinking.

Orlando's family welcomed Patrol 2 with freshly-made juice,
Patrol 1 learned knots to stop raft supplies from coming loose.

Patrol 2's Land Phase brings them to the Lopez's today;
tomorrow's waterfall rappel is part of this homestay.

Until yesterday Patrol 1 kayaked Rio Savegre,
and now on Rio General they raft 'til Saturday.

Rivers, mountains, the rainforest and a waterfall,
Calvin College participants are doing it all.

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