Thursday, August 12, 2010

How to get and share CRROBS online photos

We get constant requests to share our Facebook and Flickr photos with parents, Alumni, as well as their friends and family.  In order to access our Facebook photos, you need to send an “add as a friend” request to “Bandido” (the CRROBS "official" profile on FaceBook) and then, send a message to “Bandido” requesting photos from your course, complete with course name and date.  And then, we will gladly share all requested photo albums with you!

You are then free to post them on your FaceBook; send them to family and friends; share them with your local paper or school paper, "What I did over the summer..."; or just download them onto your computer and add them to your personal online photo albums.  (Also make sure to join the CRROBS fan page!)

Also, know that we have a whole collection of photos on Flickr as well—just visit and search for your course.   And then you can download and share as many photos as you like!   (And please note: by the end of September 2010, we should have ALL course photo sets up on Flickr.)   

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