Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Community service not just for students—but for CRROBS staff as well!

When most people think of COSTA RICA OUTWARD BOUND, they think of outdoor adventure sports, such as trekking volcanoes, zip-wire flying and SCUBA diving, in remote exotic places. But what few may not know is that one of the core values of COSTA RICA OUTWARD BOUND is community service. All of our courses, whether they are designed for adults or teens, include a community service project.

However, Costa Rica Outward Bound’s commitment to community service is not just for our students. Last week, Costa Rica Outward Bound, in partnership with Campo Escuela Nacional Iztarú (CENI), the official national center for training and events for the Association of Girl and Boy Scouts of Costa Rica, conducted a rappelling “play-shop” for a local Costa Rican high school, Sistema Educativo San Lorenzo.

Just a week before school final exams, when students will be mentally challenged, as well as glued to their seats (either studying or taking exams), Sistema Educativo San Lorenzo proposed students should equally be physically challenged and get some therapeutic fresh air. Therefore, the school approached Campo Escuela Nacional Iztarú for some inspiration, and they turned around and contacted us.

Costa Rica Outward Bound has a long history working with the Association of Girl and Boy Scouts of Costa Rica. We constructed and continue to maintain the climbing wall and all its equipment at the Campo Escuela Nacional Iztarú. In addition to this tangible contribution, our CRROBS staff trains Iztarú Camp staff in climbing and rappelling, and regularly provides free training to local schools.

Therefore, last Monday, August 30th, CRROBS instructors Danny Jimenez and Carola Coto Mora, taught 18 not-so-sure-about-this high school students and 3 enthusiastic teachers how to climb and rappel. There was a lot of cheering, laughing, shouting directions (“a derecha!”), and hugging after each climb. It was refreshing to see students hugging their teachers and friends, and the pats on the back for those that faced their fears and managed to get to the top anyway.

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Carolina P. said...

After participating in a community service project it's great to be rewarded with smiles on the faces of those you have served! It's awesome to see companies make community service such a large part of their mission. Keep up the good work!