Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Top 5 sites for discounted outdoor gear

Every so often we get phone calls or emails from students and parents looking for suggestions about where to buy outdoor gear before arriving in Costa Rica. As an organization that lives and works in the outdoors, we too like to find good deals on new equipment, which is why we often direct people to the same places we're looking at for fair prices.

We figured it's about time to compile a list of websites and resources that just might help you save a little bit of money. As always, feel free to share your own thoughts about those nuggets of gold buried deep inside the Internet that you've dug up yourself. The comments section awaits you...

That being said, here's our list of the Top 5 sites for discounted outdoor gear:

1) Steep and Cheap - A very popular One Deal at a Time site, Steep and Cheap offers some pretty awesome deals on a lot of the same gear you might need in Costa Rica. Once the item sells out, they move onto a new one.

2) REI Outlet - REI Outlet sells a ton of gear for much cheaper than the regular site. What's great is that you can search for specific items, too. Need some sweat-wicking articles of clothing or hiking pants for backpacking during the land phase of a course? Then take advantage of the almighty REI Outlet deals.

3) Sierra Trading Post - Many of our students have told us that they saved a considerable amount of money (especially on hiking shoes, which you'll definitely want for just about any of our courses) thanks to this great discount outlet store.

4) Camping Gear TV - This entertaining duo of outdoor enthusiasts will straight up GIVE you cool new gear, provided you simply comment on their web episodes via any one of their social media platforms. Regular gear giveaways make this a worthwhile stop for sure.

5) Whiskey Militia - A sibling of Steep and Cheap, WhiskeyMalitia.com primarily offers deals on snowboarding and skateboarding stuff. However, keep your eyes peeled because you'll likely find an awesome deal on new board shorts and other surf-related gear for your surf course.

Whether you're just getting ready to head outside as the weather gets warmer, or you're considering one of our Summer Courses, hopefully this list will help get you ready with new, cheap gear. 


Josh Turner said...

Thanks for the shout out to Camping Gear TV, much appreciated!


Costa Rica Outward Bound said...

And thanks to you guys for providing such awesome giveaways!

Jenna said...

GearTrade.com rocks too! You can buy used and new gear at a great price and even make some $$ selling your old gear as well.