Thursday, June 25, 2009

Busy On Course - 25 de Junio

Check out what your friends and family are doing!

The Girl Scouts Catching Waves had their first full day in Playa Avellanas today learning to surf. They reported great weather, and their instructor, Dunia, said they are all doing well standing up on their boards!

15-day Multi Element and Reef & Rainforest ran the Pacuare early Tuesday morning, and directly after headed for the Panamanian border. Destination? Solarte. Once there, they spent the day snorkeling.

The Summer Semester and Spanish Emphasis courses hiked from Silencio to Brujo on Tuesday then to Hernan's village where they have been tree climbing, planting banana trees, milking cows, then making cheese. It may be a busy day for them, but they are getting a full experience of remote Costa Rican life.

The Girl Scouts Service Challenge group hiked from La Danta to La Flecha today, arriving at Orlando's house tomorrow where they will FINALLY get a shower! They will also plant banana trees, play some "futbol", drink fresco, and meet the local chickens and pigs.

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