Monday, June 22, 2009

Course Updates - 22 de Junio

Pay attention, because we have siete courses coming, going, or on their way...

Multi Element and Reef & Rainforest are down at our Manuel Antonio beach base on the southern Pacific coast learning to surf. In between catching waves, they'll get some pics of sloths, monkeys, iguanas, and ctenosaurs due to the nearby, well-preserved National Park.

Girl Scouts Service Challenge spent the weekend rock climbing and working with the local scouts here in Costa Rica, and today they headed to the Rio Picuare for an exciting day of rafting in one of the best rafting locations in the world.

Youth Business Initiative headed to the airport this morning after a busy day in San Jose city yesterday. This group of mature young adults will start the next school year as mentors for younger inner-city teens. Congrats on your accomplishments, YBI.

Summer Semester and Spanish Emphasis arrived yesterday! The first day of their long course began today with CPR training. Tomorrow they start their grueling cross-country trek.

Girl Scouts Catching Waves flies into San Jose tomorrow! They'll head to the beach on Wednesday to begin their surf training and become beach babes!

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