Friday, October 9, 2009

Packing List: Which Water Shoe?

Incoming students frequently ask us about the proper water shoes for their course. This summer, for example, we received this question:

J F wrote:
"I was going over the suggested packing list and came across the mandatory non-velcro sandals. I was just wondering if a water shoe (also known as a Water Sock) is ok or does it have to be a sandal? I just kind of wanted to know how essential they are and if you really need a water hiking sandal."

CRROBS responded:
"Yep! Those are just fine! You need something that won't fall off, has traction on the bottom, and will dry easily. FLIP-FLOPS ARE NOT SUFFICIENT. The water socks you show will work great."

Danny, one of our long-time river instructors, explains more in this video.

*If a student is also scuba diving on his/her course, neoprene booties are an option for both rafting and diving. Wearing these with fins can cut down on rub burns fins can cause.

More examples of adequate rafting shoes:



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