Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Alternative Spring Break, 2010

When students read "Spring Break" on their annual school schedule, "rainforest challenge" is not typically the first thing that comes to mind.

But this year, for 14 State University of New York (New Paltz) students, 10 Tallahassee Community College students, and 10 Canterbury School students, it was. And after hearing their feedback, they seem to have made the right decision.

It took just seven days of homestays, hiking, surfing, and rafting for some students from each group to leave empowered, impressed, and wanting more. And, from some of these comments, it looks like we have a lot to learn from them, too.

Read their comments below:
(And read more SUNY New Paltz testimonials and trip journals at their Wellness & Recreation web page.)

“I have learned that I’m a caregiver for people that fall behind because I know I would want their support of the positions were switched.”
-Megan, 19

"Everything was excellent in Costa Rica, we had an amazing time. They really enjoyed it and that's what counts! The course was extremely affective, there is really nothing I felt had to be changed. I believe the course affected the development of the students in a positive way. I heard many of them say this was one of the best weeks of their lives. They learned a lot as you do from international travel and I think they were impacted greatly.

"So overall, the trip was a huge success, I am working on a presentation to the admin of the college to expand this program or at the very least continue our program of coming down there every spring break." -group chaperone
Click here to see this SUNY New Paltz video.

“It was a complete culture change that exceeded my highest expectations while forcing me to discover new things about myself and look at the bigger picture.
-Louis, 22

SUNY New Paltz hiking near Orlando's homestay

“Costa Rica Outward Bound provided a trip that enabled me to push myself and look at life in a different way.” -anonymous

“I learned that what we as Americans have is too much. The people here had a lot les than us, but were as happy as can be. Family plays and important role in the smooth flow of life. I learned that life could be lived that “Pura Vida” way.”
-Amy, 17

“My experience was breathtaking; it opened my eyes to the awes of nature and gave me more self-confidence and self-reliance.”
-Julianne, 16

“I learned that life isn’t about materialistic objects and we don’t always have to be stressed about what is coming next. What matters is love, believing in yourself and overcoming challenges.”
-Janet, 15

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