Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fantastic Phases

An Adventure Ballad

The semester students are on course down here for many days,
and for this, the courses are arranged from phase to phase.

The Panama Phase began for Outward Bound U.S.A.,
filled with a variety of activities in the Bocas' bay:

Scuba certification, free dives, and bike riding;
sea kayaking, snorkeling, and learning about guiding.

Instructors Danny, Scott, Jim and Antonio have been there to train,
and they reported clear water, abundant wildlife, and some rain.

Tri-Country and Water & Wave, however, hit the waterways.
Their River Phase began this week, and continues for another 15 days.

They began on Río Pacuare, training for the title of an SRT*,
practicing in unseasonable rains and the Pacuare's world-renowned beauty.

Instructors Joe, Alex W, Santiago and Diego say the students are doing well;
their river skills and knowledge are beginning to excel.

Overall, the students are busy, happy and learning a lot.
Hopefully, with the abundance of experiences, they can remember what they're taught.

*Swiftwater Rescue Technician

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