Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Survival Kit

Keys? Check.
Money? Check.
Survival kit? Hmmmm...

"It's not overkill to keep a survival kit in your house or your car."
-Les Stroud, Survivorman

As we prepare for the upcoming "Jungle Survival" course running for 24 days this July, we have found some very helpful and interesting survival techniques not strictly meant for the middle of the rainforest. The Survivorman himself, Les Stroud, recommends having this survival kit handy in everyday life, too.

So what's in it?
  • bottle of water: enough for a week
  • flashlight: best to have one without batteries that charges by shaking it
  • matches: stored in a Zip-Lock bag
  • rope: always a good idea
  • cutting tool: pliers or any multi-tool will work great
  • First Aid kit: any standard kit
  • radio: for contact with outside

This is not the list to ensure survival, but rather a recommendation to better the odds based on the four priorities of survival: drinking water, food, shelter, communication.

So the next time you're heading out the door, be sure to stuff your backpack or purse with your survival kit.

Watch Stroud's video about packing this box.

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