Thursday, April 8, 2010

Packing List: Rainforest Attire?

It is not common for an incoming student to come from a rainforest-based hometown. Nor is it common for them to have spent long periods of time in a jungle before arriving here.

Therefore, we do not expect our incoming students to fully understand a) how to dress while on course, b) the packing lists' clothing specifications, and c) the level of importance in each specification.

In this video, our Associate Program Director (and lifetime outdoorsman), Scott Brown, explains standard rainforest garb, the importance of fabric choice in such a different and wet climate, and other clothing "amenities" that would make your experience much more comfortable. By understanding your clothing better, you can decide what is important to you when taking your credit card to the local outdoor retailer. And surprisingly, you may already have what you need in your own closet that could work well in this environment.

  • Non-cotton fabrics are lighter weight and pack better
  • Quick-dry fabrics (i.e. polyester blends) are best
  • If you're unsure about bringing an item of clothing that you already own, test it by wetting it then letting it sit out in shade; see how long it takes to dry
  • Wet fabric will cause chafing and intensify odors
  • Sock liners are optional, but good for those who blister easily and/or have naturally smelly feet

For more packing list item explanations, go to our Packing List FAQ blog.

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