Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Journeys School: Reflections

"A very fun, challenging, educational and exciting adventure."

This seemed to be a running theme among the nine students and one chaperone attending their annual Senior Class trip to Costa Rica this June. Luckily, this is the response we hoped they would have given the Journeys curriculum requirement as part of their Teton Science Schools umbrella. (Read more about what this unique curriculum on last week's blog.)

There seemed to be an overall consensus about a few other points:
BEST: homestays, environment immersion
BIGGEST LEARNING EXPERIENCE: not knowing plans, rugged living

We couldn't group all of their comments into a few categories, however. They had a lot to say on their evaluation forms:

"I really loved seeing all the different wildlife -- snakes, alligators, toucans, parrots, monkeys. I also really like the homestay with Santiago and his family; I thought that it was one of the most valuable things I've ever experienced."

"The Tinamu Ranch experience was fantastic."

"I would recommend it to anyone for a new challenging experience."

"It was an incredible experience in which I was able to grow closer to my classmates and immerse myself in Costa Rican culture."

"[My positive highlight was] the feeling of accomplishment."

"I would recommend CRROBS to any of my friends and family because the rainforest is AWESOME!"

And we'd like to conclude with a possible new slogan for Costa Rica Outward Bound:

"It was the adventure of a lifetime."

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