Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Season, New Look

They have finally arrived.

And by "finally," we mean six months of discussions, office meetings, visits by Carlos Vargas (our spirited and devoted Tico t-shirt distributor), visits to the fabric factories, and long-distance communication with Kat Lusher (the designer) in San Francisco, California.

Yes, it's been a long time since the day Debbie, our Marketing Coordinator, frantically informed us, "we need to order more shirts!" last December.

Brainstorming started immediately.  We noted four requirements when we first started talking:
  • our organization's name must stand out
  • no "Tico fit" (meaning, they will not be three-sizes-too-small belly shirts) 
  • softer, more comfortable fabric
  • a design that works for all ages

Now we not only have a new shirt, but a new URL to go with it! We introduce you to:


(But not to worry because www.crrobs.org will still forward to this new address.)

The women's shirts have their own style and color (turquoise), and the men's shirts have two colors (the light blue and gray):

As you can see, we are all pretty excited about our trendy new look.  Cheesy?  Yes.  Comfy?  Definitely.  

For Sale?  Of course!  The cost of $15 covers international shipping and credit card fees. Send your shipping address and the credit card authorization form to alumni@crrobs.org.  Unlike large tuition payments, you do not need to send us copies of your credit card and ID.

A big "Gracias" goes out to the Communications Office, Carlos Vargas, Esther Garcia (ou accountant who had to deal with a lot of confusing quotes and prices), and especially to Kat Lusher (who also designed a new logo for us)! 

Photos taken on June 14, 2010 when much of the staff was around base preparing for busy season to start.  Back row, left to right: Carola (Instructor), Ana Maria (Instructor), Alexandra (Instructor), Debbie (Communications Office), Shawn (Communications Office), Santiago (Instructor), Donna (Instructor), Orlando (Instructor), Antonio (Instructor and Logistics Manager). Front row, left to right: Elizabeth (Communications Office), Scott (Programming Office), Bandido (base mascot), Laura (Programming Office), Maggie (Communications Office), Danny (Instructor and Logistics), Manuela (Instructor).  

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