Thursday, July 28, 2011

Nicoya Peninsula Adventures!

One of the great things about living at the Costa Rica Outward Bound base in Tres Rios is being in a central location that is convenient to public transit and conducive to travelling. Recently, some of the marketing staff went to Montezuma to explore the Nicoya Peninsula on a three-day whirlwind weekend. External Relations Manager, Courtney and her friend Kristen took off to embark on what became nothing short of an awesome adventure. After five hours of traveling, the duo landed at Puntarenas, where they caught the ferry to Paquera and headed down to Montezuma.

The next morning, they headed off to the Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve, which is about a 15-minute drive from downtown Montezuma. There is one major hike there and several smaller loops. The girls opted for the longest of the hikes and took the trail that led to the beach. It was about a five hour hike and a very humid one at that! Jumping over creeks, surveying the wildlife, weaving through palm trees and taking foot bridges, the girls were led through about three miles of dense rainforest. On their way, they saw white-faced monkeys, butterflies, leaf-cutter ants and sleeping bats in a hollowed out tree. Once at the beach, they were stunned by the white sand and clear, blue water. Due to the remote nature of the beach, it was shared with only two other people. Unfortunately, the couple reported jellyfish stings, so instead of swimming, Kristen and Courtney opted for sun tanning and mango eating. Despite not being able to enjoy the ocean, it was well worth the effort. 

One of the many river crossings

Private beaches are always a plus

Fresh mango always makes the day!

That afternoon, while Kristen and Courtney were still hiking, additional Costa Rica Outward Bound Staff Kirsten and Theresa came to join the fun. They wisely took a combination of buses to Montezuma and made excellent time, spending the afternoon exploring the beautiful beaches, walking around the downtown area and taking in the sights. That evening, the group re-connected and went to a nearby restaurant for a family-style candlelit dinner on the beach followed up by an early night with goals of visiting the famous Montezuma waterfalls the next morning.

All in all, a fun, busy, and unforgettable weekend!

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