Wednesday, October 12, 2011

And you thought your last trip was hard…

It’s always interesting to learn about an adventure that makes one quickly realize there is a lot to learn about suffering and adventure. Such was the case for some of the Outward Bound staff as they visited a local art exhibit featuring photos, stories and equipment from a cycling trip that circumnavigated South America. Spanning from May of 2009 all the way to December of 2010, Costa Rica Outward Bound board member LAURA ÁVILA BOLAÑOS and her traveling companion WAGNER CALDERÓN RIZO traveled by bicycle around the continent of South America, encountering enough peoples and locations to fill a lifetime of memories. Capturing these images was done with great skill, and can all be viewed here

Laura and Wagner taking in the sites
Spanning over 13 countries and 17,602,462 kilometers, Laura and Wagner peddled their way through an adventure to remember. Ever since Wagner was a teenager, it had been a dream to accomplish a task like this. This dream to conquer South America combined with the need for a break from the regularities of daily life were the perfect motivations to put the day job on hold and take part in an adventure that would take over a year. As said by Laura and Wagner, life is not only for working, but for living also. And what better way to live than to experience an entire continent by bicycle!

Take a look at their awesome web site!

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