Friday, October 14, 2011

Link Roundup!

It's Friday and we have got some awesome links!

Many people know about La Ruta de Los Conquistadores. Last year’s 2nd place overall finisher Alex Grant of the United States recently updated his blog with his latest races and adventures. Seems like Alex has been keeping up with the good results! Story here!

Many times it feels like the official car of Costa Rica is the Toyota Hilux. This capable 4 door pickup can be seen nearly everywhere, including on the Costa Rica Outward Bound base. Maybe its popularity can be attributed to the sensations felt by the gentleman in this Toyota commercial.

National Geographic is always a winner when it comes to good content; take a peek at these two links. One is about adventure towns, the other about some new styles of adventure sports. Story here and here!

With the extreme terrain of Costa Rica, it’s often fun to imagine what imaginative sports we could create. The epic hills and mountains often inspire thoughts of extreme hill rolling, however the excellent blog Adventure-Journal has done the leg work for us, by presenting downhill tri-cycling. A sport we neither encourage nor think is a particularly good idea. Story here!

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