Saturday, July 4, 2009

Busiest Week of the Year… So Far

CRROBS just concluded our busiest week of the year since 2009 began. Not only did we have four groups flying in, two groups flying out, and two groups on course; but this was the same week the City of San Jose decided to tear up our little dirt road leading up to our base in the upper canopy of the rainforest. It made our June 30th fly-in quite complicated, but we managed.

We would like to say we’re relaxing this weekend, but we must wait until August. Today we have some re-supply trips for our groups on course, and 41 Girl Scouts come on Monday! Let the fun continue.

Among eight courses, you can expect that this week someone you know was: surfing, hungry, hiking, swimming, tired, making food, camping, snorkeling, touring San Jose, packing up, learning Spanish, shopping at the market, exhausted, or taking pictures of animals.

Here’s the course break-down:
(For information about each group, click on their course name which will lead you to a detailed summary of their course in our CRROBS Facebook Fan page.)

We welcomed four new courses on Tuesday the 30th:
30-Day Surf Intensive led by Carlos Diablos & Zach
15-Day Surf Intensive led by Carlos Diablos & Zach
24-Day Multi Element led by Ryan & Santiago and Owen & Pablo
15-Day Multi Element led by Carlos Granados & Kendra

Our first two Girl Scout courses flew out on Friday the 3rd after 2-3 eventful weeks here:
Catching Waves led by Dunia & Amy
Service Challenge led by Shannon, Olivia, Angie, and Mauren

Still on course we have
Spanish Emphasis led by Donna & Hormidas (Michael left due to an injury)
Summer Semester led by Donna & Hormidas

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