Thursday, July 9, 2009

CRROBS Students Invading Costa Rica

From Playa Avellanas with Girl Scouts Catching Waves to La Suiza with the Spanish Emphasis and Summer Semester groups; CRROBS has adventurous students surfing, rafting, tree climbing and camping all over Costa Rica.

On the Pacific Coast, where the surf is getting good, we have five groups learning to surf:

1-2) 15-Day Surf Intensive and 30-Day Surf Intensive just arrived at our beautiful Manuel Antonio base (see photo below) today, returning from a coastal island for three days.

3) Girl Scouts Catching Waves is still up on the Pacific coast on Playa Avellanas with Dunia and Amy, who have prepared a lot of fresh and healthy meals for them this week!

4-5) 15-Day Multi Element and Reef & Rainforest are about to also arrive to our Manuel Antonio base (see photo below) after hiking to highly-elevatedRancho Tinamu yesterday and staying with the Lopez's (see photo at bottom of post) in Piedras Blancas on Tuesday.

The other six groups hiked today after keeping busy with outdoor adventures recently:

1)24-Day Multi Element (Santiago y Kendra) just hiked from Puerto Rojo to Domer to La Danta today. Whew.

2) 24-Day Multi Element (Owen y Pablo) were rafting earlier this week, but switched over to hiking yesterday in the small fishing village of San Gerardo de Dota. They continue on to Providencia tomorrow.

3) Spanish Emphasis and Summer Semester have been beefing up their Spanish and their legs across Costa Rica! Yesterday they hiked from Pejibaye to La Suiza today. Tomorrow they'll make their way to Bajo Pacuare.

4) Girl Scouts Rainforest River & Reef (group B) finally headed out to hike today after tree climbing on Tuesday (here in Tres Rios) and rafting on Wednesday in the Rio Orosi. They make their way to Orlando's homestay (see photo below) tomorrow, where they will be planting banana trees, playing soccer, making local food, and/or milking cows.

5) Girl Scouts Rainforest River & Reef (group A) are getting dirtier day-by-day out in the rainforest. They're on day #3 of hiking, after sleeping at Orlando's (see photo above) last night (see #4 above for activities at Orlando's) and hiking to the Lopez's (see photo below) today. The Lopez's, a family of 18 kids, lives in a remote, self-sufficient village in Piedras Blancas. There, the girls will either farm sugar cane, waterfall rappel, milk cows, and/or take a swim in the river.

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