Saturday, July 18, 2009

Groups Are Changin'

18 Julio, 2009

Unfortunately, we said "adios" to over 60 students (15-Day Multi Element, Catching Waves #2, Rainforest River & Reef #1, 15-Day Reef & Rainforest, and 15-Day Surf Intensive) last week. Hopefully they'll remember the time they had here and what they learned. The Facebook Fan Page has albums and videos of their courses. (If they're not posted yet, they will be!) They had a lot of great things to say upon departure last week, such as:

"I found that I am capable of more than I even thought possible and I am thankful to know I am able to do it."

"I had the time of my life, and I'll never forget this place."

In the upcoming weeks, we hope our new groups feel the same way:
15-Day Multi Element (June 17): went waterfall rappelling today, leave for hiking tomorrow in Santa Maria de Dota
Instructors: Shannon and Carlos
15-Day Reef & Rainforest (June 17): left our base yesterday to hike La Danta today and La Flecha tomorrow
Instructors: Diego and Pablo
15-Day Surf Intensive (June 17): left for the beach in Playa Avellanas yesterday
Instructors: Carlos and Zach
Girl Scouts Catching Waves #3: leave for Playa Avellanas tomorrow to begin surf lessons
Instructors: Dunia and Amy
Instructors: Mauren, Olivia, Lucia and Yisel

And let's not forget our super students, who have already been in Costa Rica a while with CRROBS! We hear they're having a great time, and they're sad it's coming to an end in the upcoming month:

Summer Semester: already trekked the whole country from Caribbean to Pacific, and now they're in Manuel Antonio to surf; see their update video from when they had a transition day at base last week:
Instructors: Donna and Ormidas
Spanish Emphasis: met up with Summer Semester in Manuel Antonio to surf after four days of white water rafting last week
Instructors: Donna and Ormidas
30-Day Surf Intensive: met up with 15-Day Surf in Playa Avellanas yesterday to begin surfing
Instructors: Carlos and Zach
24-Day Multi Element (A): return from surfing in Manuel Antonio tomorrow
Instructors: Ryan and Santiago
24-Day Multi Element (B): they're busy with local Costa Ricans (aka Ticos) at their homes -possibly milking cows, playing soccer, harvesting sugar cane, cooking and playing in the river; the homestays include: the Lopez's yesterday, Hernan's today and Rancho Tinamu tomorrow
Instructors: Owen and Pablo

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