Thursday, February 11, 2010

Getting from one ocean to another

How many of us can say that we went from one ocean to another without the use of transportation?

Not many, but our Tri-Country students can.

It took 28 days, about 200 kilometers, twenty days of hiking, 14 nights camping, a 72-hour solo, meeting and helping 14 homestay families, a rest in hot springs, a volcano visit, two days of rafting, and two days of kayaking to finally reach the Caribbean today. Grand total? 28 days.

The cross-country trek was their first and most difficult phase, but it does not lack significance for the 17-24-year-olds. One Tri-Country alumnus reported, "The hike brought about a huge feeling of accomplishment... rafting gave me a new skill that I'm sure I'll use in the future, and kayaking was all around amazing."

We will finally get to see their tired, buff, dirty, healthy selves tonight on base. Maybe they will tell us about their lessons on ecotourism, water issues, Costa Rican culture, or the rainforest. Or maybe they will tell us about their bruises and scrapes from tree climbing, sugar cane harvesting, waterfall rappelling, hiking, soccer, or kayaking. Or just maybe they'll be too tired.

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