Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Trinity College: Meet Their Instructors

When Trinity College students arrived in Costa Rica yesterday, they did not know what to expect. And it is very unlikely that those expectations did not include an environmentally-obsessed kayaker and a tough but beautiful Tica. Regardless, Mau and Joe are their instructors for the next seven days in the rainforest, on the rivers, and at the beach.

We introduce to you:

Mauren Granados

Hometown: Piedras Blancas, Costa Rica
About: Mauren is one of our toughest female instructors. She is known as "Mau" by her friends, and she got married last year to another adventure guide.
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Joe Ewing

Hometown: Castle Rock, CO
About: One of Joe's first orders of business after becoming Costa Rica Outward Bound's Whitewater Coordinator was heading home to Colorado to see his family and buy a banjo. Among Joe's other unique interests and characteristics are his passion for the environment (which he studied in Equatorial Guinea, Africa for a semester in college), his endless supply of energy, and his diverse family (including his father who specializes in water purification).
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