Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tri-Country: Meet Their Instructors

Eighty-five days is a LONG time. It's a good thing the Tri-Country spring semester students have great instructors to keep them company.

Santiago Lopez Salazar and Heidi Ruckriegle have been leading their semester students for over twenty days now. Santiago, a Costa Rican native, and Heidi, from Colorado, have plenty of outdoor experience and energy among the two of them to share with their ten students.

Let's meet them:

Heidi Ruckriegle

HOMETOWN: Breckenridge, CO
ABOUT: As a Presidents Leader Scholar at University of Colorado at Boulder, Heidi did not let her busy courseload hold her back from the ice hockey team or studying abroad in Sevilla, Spain. She has always loved the outdoors, she enjoys traveling, and she eventually wants to go back to school for law.
*The Summit Daily News: "Living a Life of Balance"
*The Canopy Chronicle: "New Instructors"

Santiago Lopez Salazar

HOMETOWN: Piedras Blancas, Costa Rica
ABOUT: As one of 18 Lopez children, Santiago (or "Chago" as friends call him) is known as one of the more serious and sincere brothers of the pack. He has been working as an instructor for Costa Rica Outward Bound for many years, during which he has been certified in Wilderness First Responder, First Aid and CPR, Swiftwater Rescue, Whitewater Rescue Technician, International Rafting Federation, Instructor Judgment Training, and SCUBA.
*Costa Rica Outward Bound: Instructor Profiles
*Costa Rica blog: "Water Adventuring"

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