Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Costa Rica Outward is not just for kids!

Costa Rica Outward Bound is often associated with university students, the Girl Scouts, and adventurous youth groups and young travelers; however, unlike Trix™, we are not just for kids! We have several adrenaline-charged; make-your-friends-insanely-jealous; economical adult courses which range from an Adult Surf Getaway to venues for a new career in outdoor adventure sports and exploration, such as through our Tri-Country Semester Course.

Why not extend your Labor Day weekend (spending September 5 through September 12th) into surfing daily and camping out by the unspoiled beaches of Costa Rica? How about eating the fish you catch and then, throw in a little white water rafting? You even participate in a local community service project! The Adult Surf Getaway is an 8-day adventure for adults 21 and over. For more details visit our website at http://www.costaricaoutwardbound.org/courses/adult/itinerary_adult_15surf.html

Or have you ever fantasized about being an outdoor adventure sports guide, or follow some kind of career in outdoor adventure, eco-tourism or something similar? Well, for a taste of this kind of life and profession, as well as some practical, certifiable skills--sign up for either the Tri-Country Semester Course or the Water and Wave Semester Course, both starting in September 2010.

Aside from kayaking, white water rafting, surfing, jungle trekking, camping out in the jungle, SCUBA, zip-wire flying and experiential learning—you can earn your NAUI Scuba Certification; get First Aid and CPR Training; Whitewater Training and Swift Water Rescue Training; and there is a potential to earn college course credits in Coastal Ecology, Spanish, Natural History of Costa Rica, and Group Leadership.

Both courses are for ages 17 and over, and take you through Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Panama.

**BIG COURSE DISCOUNT:  If you happen to register for either the Tri-Country Semester Course or the Water and Wave Semester Course before August 6, 2010—you get $500 off !!! Yes, a $500 discount for all!

For more information about all of these courses, please visit: http://costaricaoutwardbound.org/courses/itineraries_base.html

And do not hesitate to contact enrollment@crrobs.org if you have any additional questions!

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rafting cagayan de oro said...

Great pictures! wow that's sounds very interesting. i want to learn how to survive in the jungle and do some outdoor activities. hope i can enroll too.