Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Girl Scout Troop 2122: Reflections

"...impossible to describe." 

14-year-old Anna ended her course last week with this statement.  She and six other troop members from Girl Scout Troop #2122 completed an eight-day course last week after their troop leader, Jennifer York, had a plan to bring her Girl Scouts to Costa Rica for an exciting cultural experience.  After one week of hiking, rappelling, rafting, cookingservice, and zip-lining; they had some very positive things to say: 

"[I learned] that even if I am 54 and out of shape, I can do it.  Just slowly." -chaperone, Jessena

"I learned that I like to take challenges and push myself to do different things." -Kaitlyn

"It was hard, but the passion of
Orlando made it possible."
-chaperone, Jessena

"It was a cultural, fun and hard experience." -Courtney

"Eye-opening, hard, challenging, fun, full of giggles, and full of memories to last a lifetime." -chaperone, Jennifer

"I'm really glad I did it because it was the hardest thing I've ever had to do." -Anna

"I learned that we tend to make life more difficult than we should and that I am a stronger person than I thought." -chaperone, Jennifer

"It was the hardest and best experience of my life." -Anna

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