Friday, July 23, 2010

Student David Gonzalez speaks frankly about his 24 Day Multi-Element Experience

Just this morning, the entire 24 Day Multi-Element Course left us. It is always a tear-jerker: both among the Costa Rica Outward Bound staff and the students, themselves. This group was an especially gregarious group of Americans, Canadians, Spanish, and English students. They started their 3-week adventure on June 30 and after jungle trekking; white water rafting; surfing; a home-stay with a local family; and a canopy tour (among other fun and challenging activities); they just completed their course today-- full of unforgettable memories and still a little muddy.

We caught one of the students, David Gonzalez, just before he left Base, to return to his home in Spain. In these videos below, David speaks in both Spanish and English (so this will be good practice for all you who have been learning Spanish on course!) Basically, we asked him about his favorite parts of his course; the most challenging parts; and what this course meant to him—what did he learn? Here, listen to what he had to say…

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