Thursday, May 6, 2010

Canyon School: Meet Their Instructors

The Canyon School students are most likely packing their bags right now, unable to sleep tonight out of excitement. They might be going on last-minute errands to purchase some food or supplies they want to have with them while hiking through the rainforest. These nine students (and Brendan, their chaperone) will be happy to know their instructors, Mauren and Alex, are currently doing the same thing down here to prepare for their arrival this Saturday.

Before introducing the instructors, we want to introduce this unique school nestled in a Californian canyon. Its mission is to "foster lifelong love of learning and individual academic growth and achievement." It prides itself on "providing a sanctuary for developing the talents, strengths, and confidence of each individual so that students become resourceful adults who think and act creatively and critically in the world community."

Now without further ado, we introduce the fearless instructors leading these talented individuals next week:

Mauren Granados

Hometown: Piedras Blancas, Costa Rica
About: Mauren is one of our toughest female instructors. She is known as "Mau" by her friends, and she got married last year to another adventure guide. One of her surprising passions includes watching free-style motocross. When she's not instructing courses, she enjoys playing soccer with people in her town.
Read More: official site staff description

Alex Cook

Hometown: Roxboro, NC
About: Described by his friends and students as compassionate and goofy, Alex has as many silly talents as he has surf skills. He has been surfing since he was a kid in South Carolina and brought that talent to Costa Rica as a Leadership student a year ago. He amuses his students with his ability to expand his abdomen four times its size and can slant his eyes inward.
Read More: his Leadership Series profile

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