Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Long Hike Through PB

Most of you have alumni done this hike into the remote village of Piedras Blancas. You remember it, right? The one up into the upper canopies where you camped, then down to Orlando's homestay, then the Lopez's homestay (where you inevitably milked a cow or squeezed some sugar cane), then up to Rancho Tinamu singing with Santiago, then down closer to the beach to surf in Manuel Antonio? Yep, that's the one. If you were wondering how far you went or how high, we finally compiled a summary of this trek across southern Costa Rica.

Day 1: Students dropped off at the trailhead near Copey, around 1.8km in altitude, and hike all day from La Danta to Domer (both in the area) - TOTAL: about 7k

Day 2: Students hike all day, mostly up, to 2.25km altitude in the region of Providencia where they camp in the cloud forests - TOTAL: about 7k

Days 3-4: Students hike a breathtaking downward path towards Orlando’s and the Lopez’s homestays, both in Piedras Blancas near Brujo, which measures .2km-.3km altitude - TOTAL: about 18k

Day 5: Cross the river and hike up to .4km-.5km altitude where Rancho Tinamu is located - TOTAL: about 8k

Day 6: Hike down towards Londres (around .1km-.2km altitude), where a van picks up the students to take them surfing in Manuel Antonio (just west of Londres) at sea level - TOTAL: about 18k to Londres, about 12k bus to Manuel Antonio

So there you have it. When you tell your family and friends that you did, in fact, do some real hiking in the depths of the rainforest, you can show them these maps to prove it. If they still do not believe you, at least you have the experience - and the large thighs - to remind you of what you accomplished.

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