Friday, May 14, 2010

Packing List: Rash Guard

For most students coming on a course that includes surfing, they become quite perplexed after reading the item "rash guards" on their packing lists.

We're here to help you put that confusion to rest.

Rash guards help protect your skin from surfboard rashes (caused by popping up on a surfboard over and over) and strong sun. Lifetime surfer Alex Cook - one of our Surf Instructors - describes in the packing list video below how he searches for his rash guards . This information will prepare you to make an informed decision as to a) if you should purchase one or not, and b) how to purchase one if you do decide to buy one.

Key characteristics of rash guards:
  • block the sun: Alex explains two kinds, long-sleeve and short-sleeve (it's up to you if you want to block your entire arms or not); Alex recommends strong sun block if you forgo a rash guard
  • non-cotton: Alex recommends polyester or nylon blend; cotton will cause rashes on your skin while surfing
  • fewer seams: Alex explains fewer seams means fewer chances to get rashes from your own rash guard
  • good fit: too tight will cause rashes, and too loose can come up over your head when wrestling in waves

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