Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Canyon School: Reflections

It was another great course with Canyon School (aside from all of their flight complications, of course).

After more than three years of coming to Costa Rica with its tiny eighth grade classes (usually 8-10 students!), Canyon School Elementary was back again for a course meant to mentally and emotionally prepare its students for heading to high school this fall.

Their 7-day leadership and maturity development course was a fun-filled week of zip-lining, waterfall rappelling, hiking, homestays, a one-hour solo, rafting, camping, surfing, and getting to know a little more about one another before this spring's graduation.

One of the students summed up his experience as,
"a fun, challenging course that develops leadership skills, keeps everyone on their toes, and brings people closer together."

"It had a big impact on the students," Alex Cook (one of their two primary instructors) remarked. "I really want to see how they're doing five years from now."

Read more about their instructors, Alex and Mauren, here. Photos to come!

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