Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Link Roundup!

It’s Wednesday here and for some reason we have been finding some very interesting stories on the internet. So interesting in fact, that it makes sense for us to share these with as many folks as possible,

It’s always fun to read about surfing, especially when there are traditionally male competitions allowing women to enter. Story here.

Everyone knows that traveling can be a little bit stressful at times, but the fact remains that certain generations had more concerns about mythical monsters than airport check-in lines. Story here.

Although Friday tends to be a great day for just about everyone, make sure you are not the one person in the 1-3,200 chance someone gets hit by a falling satellite. Story here. 

Depending on the type of course here at Costa Rica Outward Bound, there’s a small chance you might be able to spot a dolphin. Based off of this article, you should practice your hybrid human-dolphin language, because chats with dolphins are just around the corner. Story here.

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