Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New Additions to Costa Rica Outward Bound!

There is a new intern at Costa Rica Outward Bound! Hailing from Vermont, Nathan Poland is here for a three-month internship and will be splitting his time working in the communications office and in the field. Nate started his time with the organization as a student in the Spring 2011 leadership semester where he had an incredible experience while earning the numerous professional certifications. The leadership semester was the doorway to his internship and Nate is excited to be back. He enjoys rappelling, whitewater rafting, scuba and many other outdoor activities. During Nate’s summer at home he used his technical ropes certification to get a job washing windows.

Careful Nate!

On his days off, Nate spent his time hiking around looking for tall cliffs to scale to keep in practice, of which, he found more than a few! Now that he is back in Costa Rica we are going to see what kind of fun things he can get himself into here. While in the field, Nathan is going to be helping out with both Tri-country and Water and Wave courses. Stay tuned to see where he ends up next!

Nate helping us test some new gear!

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