Friday, September 9, 2011

We Recycle!

Costa Rica Outward Bound has a lot of awesome equipment that we use throughout the year. These tools of the trade include backpacks, tents, surfboards, rafts, kayaks and much more. You name it, we probably have it! The thing is our various types of gear often have hard lives and eventually find themselves no longer in use. However operations manager Sam Schlesinger and some other OB staff got a little bit tired of our equipment being so lazy and decided to put them back to work.

Surf boards are a great thing, especially in the water. But what to do with them when they no longer serve their water-oriented purposes? Well, turning them into a couple of nice benches seems like a good idea to us!

A comfy seat for all!

Kayaks are also great in the water. But what happens when the whole floating thing doesn’t work out so well? Did somebody say new tables for everyone??

Best work space ever!

Costa Rica has no problem growing an incredible array of flowers and plants, however sometimes a good old flower pot is hard to find. A Kayak flower pot seems like the logical next step!

Que lindo!

Awesome bonus quasi-recycling item! Ryan in the marketing office was exhausted watching two rather dangerous bikes hang out and rust, so he turned them into one rather safe bike!

Base transportation for all!

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Rick said...

I think you could sell the surfboard couches!