Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tent Update!

Our second installment of our North Tek Gear review is here! The group just returned from Nicaragua and had a lot of great things to say. Let’s break them out here;

Positives: The tent was very dry, even with the rainy season being in full swing. This is a good result of the rain shell being so robust. The extra rain coverage did not make the tent overly hot, with good ventilation throughout. The set up was breeze, with only two main support poles. The tent was used by two of our instructors as well as a week’s worth of equipment, which still yielded a spacious and comfortable interior. The mesh netting in the tent was great for storing extra gear, and proved a perfect spot for lights and loose articles.

Suggestions: The instructors felt that the tent might be improved with a more durable fabric for the base of the tent.

Overall feedback was resoundingly great, which is great because these tents are going to get put through some very serious tests! Stay tuned for more as our new tents experience life in Costa Rica.

Nicaraguan tent action

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